Madison's tech future looking bright, according to recent report

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- According to recent research, Madison is one of the fastest growing tech markets in the country. CBRE's Tech Talent Report says tech job growth is up nearly 7 percent in Madison since 2012.

Global business expert Spencer Levy describes Madison as "highly educated, a growing market and a growing tech town."

Levy, who is a lead CBRE research analyst says the University of Wisconsin is the driving force behind Madison's success in the tech world. However, Levy's research shows that UW has more tech graduates than jobs available in the area, a phenomenon he calls, "brain drain."

"What I suggest is to find a foreign capitol to bring into your market," Levy said.

Brain drain hasn't affected certain aspects of the city, particularly getting graduates to stick around after school. Levy says Madison has the highest concentration of educated millennials in the county. He credits a UW education and says the city has higher projections for tech growth than other Midwest cities with major universities like Minneapolis.

Wisconsin's history of manufacturing is also providing a fresh sense of optimism for state.

"The beauty of Wisconsin--because it had such a strong manufacturing culture for years people still have that skill set," Levy said. "It has a leg up over the rest of the United States in the years to come."