Making a Difference: Business works to get books to kids for lowest possible price

Published: Jan. 30, 2019 at 7:36 AM CST
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One Madison business has a longtime tradition of making a difference.

is a business with a goal of getting books into kids’ hands for the lowest price possible. Books average about two dollars apiece and are written in a variety of languages.

The business dates back to 1924 and is in its fifth generation.

“I am the owner’s child and grandchild and greatgrandchild," said Molly Fields. “We love quality literacy."

Books 4 School staff said the business works with publishers to keep prices down and also develops books.

Pernille Ripp is a seventh grade English teacher in Oregon and said the first time she visited Books 4 School it was like finding a slice of heaven in Madison.

"I don't think the staff there knows just how big of a difference they actually make. I walk in there, they have a smile on their face, they’re showing me books and then they send us off. They don't always get to see the magic that happens when I walk in with brand new books for these kids who are eagerly waiting to read. But the fact that this is their mission, that they have made it their whole goal just to get books in the hands of kids’ means that kids' lives are truly being changed," said Ripp.

Books 4 School's customers often include non-profit literacy programs, schools, churches and hospitals among others. It is also open to the public.

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