Making the most of winter

Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 3:38 AM CST
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As we begin January, the winter months can sometimes seem to drag on. NBC15's Meghan Reistad set out on a mission to figure out the best way to make it through some of Wisconsin's most difficult months. It turns out, much of how we make it through depends on mindset.

"We are off to do some cross country skiing at elver," said Dan Streit, putting on his cross country skis for a day outside with his daughters. "The first time out, we were really excited to see the snow this morning."

The Streit family is making the most of a season that can sometimes be downright difficult.

is professor of Scandanivan studies at UW-Madison. Andersen said he embraces 'hygge' this time of year.

"I would describe it as a Danish concept used to describe situations and a certain atmosphere of extraordinary coziness and contentment," said Andersen. "We can at least trace it about 1,000 years back."

Andersen described the word as pleasant togetherness.

"Inviting friends into your home, sitting down, talking, putting on the candles and having a hot drink that can keep you warm and cozy," Andersen said.

In South Beloit, there's an instant break from the snow and cold by walking through the door of


"Salt therapy is healing. It's antibacterial. It's holistic," Rosa Anderson said.

Anderson is one of the owners of Salt + Sol. The business is a holistic salt therapy spa.

"This is the salt we use. It's pharmaceutical grade salt," Anderson said, showing her products.

According to Anderson, salt therapy helps boost mood and can ease symptoms when a person is feeling sick.

"It breaks it up. It helps you drain you feel so much better. You can breathe again," Anderson said. "It is not a substitution at all. It's not stop what you're doing with your doctor. It's do everything with your doctor and then this is something just to combine with it."

So when Wisconsin gets that next round of snow, just remember making the most of it, focusing on your mindset and taking care of yourself can make a difference.

"You embrace the winter instead of fighting it," Andersen said.