Man uses snowblower on funeral home roof

Courtesy of Therese Lawler
Courtesy of Therese Lawler(NBC15)
Published: Feb. 22, 2019 at 8:13 PM CST
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Only in Wisconsin can you find someone snow blowing on a roof. A picture caught the eye of those on social media Friday.

NBC15's Morgan Wolfe met up with the owner of the plowing company, Casey Ryan. He said shoveling the heavy snow off the funeral home roof was taking too long.

You know you live in Wisconsin when you have to snow blow your roof!😂

Posted by Therese Lawler on Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"We started going to town just back and forth fast. I wouldn't recommend anyone else doing it. But, I hate to say it, if you were to go this would be the place to be. I hope I would get a good funeral considering my dad owns it," Ryan said.

Ryan was on the roof of Ryan Funeral Homes at 2418 N. Sherman Ave. with one of his employees. He said he would only do such a thing for someone he knows — the owner of the funeral home — his father.

For people that are worried, Ryan says it’s only a 6 foot drop into bushes covered in snow. The plow has rubber blades and was tilted so it wouldn’t be directly hitting the shingles.

"Everybody was driving by taking pictures laughing hysterically. Even I was laughing hysterically," Ryan said.

Jokes aside, Ryan warns the public not to try the landscaping trick on their own.