Manitowoc teen stars in Finding Neverland

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- The National Broadway Tour Finding Neverland is headlining in Madison, and features a local teen.

The musical is about the story behind Peter Pan and how the Author, J.M. Barrie came up with the idea for the tale.

Actors from across the U.S. star in the show however, one character is from right here in Manitowoc.

Ethan Stokes, at 13-year-old, plays not one, but three different roles in Finding Neverland. He performs as Peter, George, and Jack, sometimes even playing all three parts in three nights.

"At one point you're playing one role and it would be very difficult to do that and as soon as you think you've got that, you move on to a different role, and keeping track of all three is kind of difficult throughout the whole tour, but we manage to learn all three and keep track of them," said Stokes.

Stokes is also excited to be back in Wisconsin, a place he calls home.

"It's very cool because on the tour you get to see so many different places and things, but to be back home and something that you're familiar with is so nice and stress relieving, you just get to be home for a little bit," said Stokes.

The musical features a furry friend, a dog Sammy, and will be playing at the Overture Center until January 13.