Massive mural pops up in downtown Janesville

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A new work of art is turning heads in downtown Janesville.

“I’m a big proponent of native indigenous rights so when I learned this was the subject matter, I was excited. I was like this is great, I can get behind this 150%. There is no political bias necessary for something like this,” said Jeff Henriquez.

Henriquez is an artist originally from Boston but based out of New York City. Right now, he’s in Janesville working on a massive mural of Chief Black hawk. The mural can be seen on the side of a building on Main Street.

Chief Blackhawk was a warrior and a leader with the Sauk Native American tribe in Illinois and Wisconsin back in the 1800's.

Henriquez he’s been preparing for this project for a couple of months. He’ll be spray painting the piece over the next week. So far he’s a big fan of Midwest hospitality.

“Everyone in Janesville is super sweet. Everyone is really nice, very supportive. People asking me if I want a coffee, people asking me how I like it in Janesville. It’s a classic American hometown where everyone just looks out for each other,” he said.

Henriquez says the mural should take him a week to complete.