Meal on Wheels treks through the snow

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- As the soon blew from all different directions on Tuesday, Jane Carrola was wearing a smile and gave the classic Wisconsin line, "It's not that bad!"

She and her husband, Steve, have been volunteering for Meals on Wheels ran by Independent Living Incorporated for a year and a half. There are some of the 200 volunteers that help deliver up to 35,000 meals a year in the Madison area to those who are living with a disability, elderly, housebound, or financially unstable.

As her and her husband hike through the snowy sidewalks and driveways to deliver tupperware filled with ham and veggies, she didn't hesitate to share her reason why she makes the trek.

"We have been clients and volunteers," Carrola said.

Her parents needed help with meals. Her and her husband didn't have the extra time with their busy schedules so they reached out to Meals on Wheels.

"It's been really good. The program is really run well and we enjoy the clients on the route," Carrola said.

She didn't mind the cold weather, the messy roads, or the snow filling her coat pockets. She says it's all for people who need it.

"It's been worse right? It is not 40 below, so I can't complain," Carrola said.