Well-known Wisconsin metal sculptor, icon Dr. Evermor dies at 81

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 11:24 PM CDT
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A metal sculptor and Wisconsin gem leaves behind a legacy full of creativity and art.

Thomas Every, better known as Dr. Evermor, died on Monday at the age of 81, but his family says his artwork will live on.

Creating art with rugged gears and old machinery is a world Dr. Evermor created with his imagination.

He was a wrecker for thirty years.

"He used to demolish power plants, breweries, buildings and things like that. He collected the materials he wanted to save," Tya Kottler, Dr. Evermor's daughter said.

He said her dad took pride in making another man's trash his treasure.

"Then he later was able to take those materials that he loved and recreated and repurposed them into something else," Kottler said.

The Forevertron is one of his most well-known sculptures at his art park near Baraboo. The sculpture is 300 tons of throwaway parts welded into a masterpiece.

"The whole Forevertron he said just built itself. Each part and piece fit into where it was supposed to go," she said.

Thomas lived a life of creativity and let his unique art do the talking, but his daughter says his way of doing things had a deeper meaning.

"His collecting of rejects repurposing them and giving them a new life, was like giving himself a new life," she said.

Kottler said her dad lived a somewhat troubled life filled with rejection and challenges.

He suffered a series of strokes that put a stop to his welding, but continued to draw and design when he could.

"You go you sit and visit with him and he takes you into his world. I would always walk away feeling so much more inspired," Kottler said.

She said he lived 81 years leaving an impression on everyone he met.

"He’s going to be incredibly missed," she said.

But as Dr. Evermor would always say:

"Power on forevermore and go accomplish your dreams," she said.

Kottler said her dad collected materials before he died and she plans to give those pieces new life and continue his legacy.

Dr. Evermor's sculpture park is temporarily closed now following the safer at home order.