Middleton High School parents react to nude photo scandal

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 7:19 PM CST
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Middleton High School parents are reacting after police and school officials announced an investigation into students sharing nude photos of classmates.

Officials say the photos being shared are of students under the age of 18. Several parents told NBC15 that they did not know anything about the investigation until


Police say they began looking into the issue Tuesday and the

. Beth Vereb, whose daughter goes to Middleton High says she found the news disturbing. “I hope they catch whoever is doing it and make it come to a stop,” she said.

Vereb says she found out about the investigation Thursday afternoon while another parent, Angelica Colbert says her kids told her about it Wednesday.

She says her kids told her dozens of students were getting suspended and phones were being confiscated at school. “They heard what was going on that they were looking for nude photos on phones and I was like what…this can’t be happening," said Colbert.

She says she’s surprised the school didn’t notify parents sooner. “I thought there couldn’t possibly be this big of an ordeal going at the school, without parents hearing anything about it. First of all, of these kids were really getting suspended, if they were talking about taking phones and looking through personal items, they would have had to let parents know first I would have thought,” said Colbert.

She says this has caused a lot of concern among kids at school about privacy. “We had a lot of really concerned kids worried about their privacy, just in general, that probably had nothing to do with any of this,” she said.

Colbert says she had a conversation with her kids about the seriousness of the issue, and reminded them what’s appropriate to send and what is not appropriate. “We had a big conversation last night in our house about what you put out there is not just who you’re sending it to. It’s out there for everyone once its posted,” she said.

Officials have not said how many students are involved and law enforcement has not said if charges will be filed. They say the investigation is still underway.

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