Milton School District adds new security check for incoming visitors

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MILTON, WIs. (WMTV)- A new photo ID system allows administrators to security check visitors before granting access to Milton School District buildings.

The Milton School District announced a new visitor management system known as the "Raptor ID", which was funded through a Department of Justice school safety grant awarded to the District in the fall of 2018.

The new check-in system runs a visitor's photo ID through a security check prior to the visitor being allowed access into the building during the school day.

Once cleared, the visitor will be issued a visitor badge, which makes students and staff aware they are authorized to be in the building.

If a security check results in a noted concern, an administrator is contacted and the options to address the concern will be discussed with the visitor.

The use of the Raptor ID system will begin next week for an acclimation period, with full implementation of the program scheduled to begin January 22.