Monona Grove School District cancels classes Friday due to cold

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Monona Grove School District has canceled classes on Friday because the cold has made school buses unusable.

The school district superintendent Dan Olson said in a district facebook post Thursday that Nelson’s Bus Service runs on diesel fuel and that buses are stored outside. When the temperature is this cold the fuel in the buses gels and cannot be run properly.

According to the district about 1,900 students ride the bus.

“Because student safety is our top priority, we cannot risk having students either waiting for buses that may never show up or having students on buses that may become stranded without heat in sub-zero or single digit temperatures,” superintendent Olson said in the Facebook post.

McFarland School District still plans to have classes Friday, even though it also uses Nelson school buses. That’s possible because the district needs fewer buses, which can be warmed inside.