Motorcyclists give those on four wheels advice on keeping everyone safe this season

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) --- If you were out and about Saturday, you may have seen a few motorcyclists enjoying the weather.

Well, if that weather continues, bikers have some advice on keeping everyone safe this season.

It was a busy day for DeeDee Sorg and the rest of the crew at Harley-Davidson of Madison.

"Although we've had not very fantastic weather, now it's turning, and we're ready to ride," Sorg says.

As a lead instructor, her main job is to make sure bikers know how to properly handle their motorcycle.

"With all the farmers and the vehicles that go into the fresh gravel, that corner that was nice and clean when you in the morning could be covered with gravel, there's manure that gets on," she says. "There could be animals, all kinds of different things."

If that doesn't sound like enough to worry about, she says, sharing the road with cars and trucks adds another difficulty, which is why it's just as important for those on four wheels to pay extra close attention on nice, summer days.

"Do that head check, and please, please turn your signal on when you're changing your lane," Sorg says. "That signifies to traffic, including motorcycles, that you're making a move, and so then we can react based on that fact."

And also, keep your distance when you're following a motorcycle. Other experienced bikers say that at 55 miles an hour, a motorcycle can stop in less than 200 feet whereas a car doubles that.

"This time of the year, you've got a lot of geese with their little goslings, or maybe a duck and their little ducklings and their crossing the road," Virgil W. Schulenburg, owner of Harley-Davidson of Madison, says. "A biker sees that, once they hit the breaks real hard, a four-wheeler can be on the bike really quick."

"Be safe, and just make sure your eyes are open and your head is in the game," Sorg adds. "Never take anything for granted."

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