Mount Horeb choir and band to play at special concert in London

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MOUNT HOREB, Wis. (WMTV) - A local high school received a hand-delivered invitation from London, England on Wednesday.

The Mount Horeb High School band.

A party of British dignitaries traveled to Mount Horeb High School, to invite the band and choir students to perform at London’s International Choir Festival.

The high school band and choir will travel overseas in December of 2020.

The students will also take part in an educational immersion program, in addition to performing in the historic New Year’s Festival.

"It is really cool. It's kind of weird to think they came all the way here to do that. It makes us feel as the band. Pretty cool," said Jessie Downey, a sophomore and band student.

This is the third year Mount Horeb students will perform at the festival.