Mount Horeb community reacts to teacher being put on administrative leave

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. (WMTV) --- Olivia Jones remembers the days she went to Mount Horeb High School like it was yesterday.

One of the things she remembers most was the teacher of her social issues class, Ms. Maglio.

"A cheerleader for every group in high school," Jones explains. "She was an advocate for voices less heard in high school. She was really one of those people that stood out and made an experience memorable."

Sarah Fetter is another former student who says she's not just her favorite teacher.

"She's one of my favorite people," she says. "I just felt like I could go to her with anything, and I did. I talked to her about life, and she was always there to listen, and she would talk to me about her life, and I just felt like I knew her like as more than a teacher."

Not every former student feels the same, though. One graduate of 2016 who wishes to stay anonymous, says she didn't like the video played in Ms. Maglio's class.

"I felt as if it was a little too provocative, like, I get that she was showing us what we shouldn't do and how bad things could get, but some of the images were a little too intense," she says.

During a demonstration in support of Ms. Maglio Monday, a parent of two young boys in the district says. this is a video that boys in particular need to watch.

"Women are very underrepresented in leadership and elected," Laura Isaacson says. "Women, for whatever reason, don't feel confident or they may feel suppressed and they feel like they cannot aspire to those leadership positions. Boys need to learn how to respect women, how women should be properly treated."

MOUNT HOREB, Wis. (WMTV)—Dozens of students from Mount Horeb High School gathered on Monday morning in protest of a controversial decision made by the school district.

Students came dressed in black, and gathered outside the school’s front door showing support for a teacher placed on administrative leave.

The signs are for teacher Beth Maglio who teaches a class called, “Social Problems”. Students said this all began after the class watched a film called, “Miss Representations”. The film included graphic images of women in forced sexual situations.

In a letter from the district, a parent expressed concern over how this film was being used in the class. The district is investigating, but students feel placing Maglio on administrative leave wasn’t necessary. The school district said this is unfair to both the student and Mrs. Maglio. While they agree there was a lesson, they must investigate the intentions of showing the film and whether more resources were needed for students who may have been uncomfortable.

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