NBC15 Investigates: VA works to fix MLK misprint in 100K calendars

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MADISON, Wis. (WTMV) - Veterans Affairs Public Affairs Spokesperson Matthew Gowan said "we apologize for the mistake that was included in the 2019 health planner and we're actively working with the government publishing office to correct the error. For clarification - our facilities will be open on January 28, 2019 but will be closed as we celebrate the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr. on January 21."

A viewer wrote into NBC15 about the misprint and NBC15 Investigates looked into the process and how the misprint happened.

The VA worked with the Government Publishing Office in Chicago, according to Gowan. The VA knew about the misprint since December and while handing them out to veterans, they've been verbally mentioning the misprint on MLK day.

In the 2019 calender, it shows MLK day a week after, and since it's a national holiday, it's closed. However, Gowan said it was a human error and the VA is working to find out what happened.

NBC15 reached out to the GPO, and a spokesperson said the order for 100,000 calendars came from the VA in Milwaukee, Wis. The spokesperson also said a VA representative proofed and approved the print for the calendars.

Once the approval for print, the GPO moves the order to a commercial vendor to do the physical printing.

Calendars were handed out at VAs in Iron Mountain, Milwaukee, Madison, Tomah and two medical centers in Chicago and Dannville, Ill.

NBC15 reached out to the VA in Milwaukee on Friday afternoon. There was no response yet.

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