NBC15 celebrates fathers, shares best moment

Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 9:21 AM CDT
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Members of the NBC15 News Team shared their favorite moment with their fathers.

Sanika Bhargaw and Manoj
This is my dad Manoj and me at U2's Joshua Tree concert in Chicago. I grew up spending a lot of time listening to music with my dad, and this is one of the bands (and albums) we both love - my dad heard it when it first came out in the 80s and passed it on to me. It was really special to see this concert together; it was kind of a dream come true for both of us.

Amy Carlson and Norman
On my wedding day, everyone was so anxious to get to the church, that my sisters and other bridesmaids all left without me. I couldn't believe it. My Dad just quietly said, "Get in the car, kid. I'll take you.” It was just like I needed to get to school. Classic Dad-always ready to take the wheel.

Tim Elliott, Dave and Dempsey
My favorite memory of my dad is when he would take me on father/son camping trips as a kid. We would go canoeing, hang out by the fire, stay up late. Now, dad and I go camping once every year at one of Wisconsin’s amazing state parks. I really look forward to that trip every year and I know he does too. This year we are going to Lake Kegonsa State park in Stoughton. Dempsey (my dog) also tags along too. Three generations of Elliott’s on one trip!

Amelia Jones and Steve
My favorite memory is when he taught me how to drive. I was 15, just got my permit and the car I was learning to drive was a manual so I was already very nervous driving. Then my dad tricked me into getting on the highway to drive back to our house. All I remember was freaking out saying, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it!” And my dad was so calm and just kept saying, “yes you can! Yes you can!” He was right, I could and did. He’s always believed in me just like that day on the highway, no matter what. I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today without him. I’m so blessed to call him my dad today and everyday.

Ryan Lobenstein, Gary and Grady
I always look forward to spending a week fishing with my Dad. My favorite moments as a Dad are when my kids make me laugh.

Leigh Mills and Jeff
I love that my dad can be a silly grandfather now. He’s Poppa to my boys and can be seen here pretending to snore, much to my children’s amusement. My dad has always been good for lightening the mood and having a good time. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you!

Caroline Peterson and Brian
My dad and me enjoying Mizzou football games! From freshman year to senior year of college.

Amy Pflugshaupt and Robin
It’s not very often I’m with my dad all dressed up. Usually when we’re together we are in “barn clothes” working outside. A moment that I will treasure for all eternity happened during my wedding. I was standing in the church and the bridal party was preparing to walk down the aisle. My dad looked at me and ask how I was feeling. I described it to him – in words that I will keep between him and myself – and we both laughed. I’m so lucky to have a father that has always supported me and let me be the crazy “girly girl and farm girl” combo that I am. He’s always let me be me and I’m forever grateful! I love you, Dad!

Gabriella Rusk and Gregg
As an accountant, he likes to joke that his encore career is becoming a broadcaster. One of my favorite memories with my dad is taking him to the set of my first station.

John Stofflet, John Taylor and Kaia
My favorite moments as a Dad are the simple ones, where my adult kids-- John Taylor and Kaia-- drop by or meet up with me somewhere on a Saturday or Sunday. We just enjoy a meal, catch up on how our week went, and talk about what’s in store for the coming week. As the old saying goes, “simple pleasures are the best”. After many years of traveling the globe for work, I’m so fortunate to be here in Madison full time, and have both of my kids here.