NBC15 celebrates mothers, shares best moments

Published: May. 9, 2019 at 9:59 AM CDT
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Members of the NBC15 News Team shared their favorite moment with their mothers.

Sanika Bhargaw and Medha
My favorite memory with my mom is watching her perform solo for 3 hours for her dance "graduation." It's a huge deal in the classical Indian dance community, and she worked for 10 years to get to that point! I was so proud of her, but more than that, it taught me you can and should go after your dreams, no matter where you are in life.
Amy Carlson and Betty
My mom's motto is "Live it up while you can". She became a mother at a later age, but has never hesitated to make a party out of any occasion. She encourages her children and grandchildren to get out and explore while meeting people from all backgrounds. She is grateful that she had the opportunity fly a helicopter, work as a nurse in Sweden and even as a riveter during the war. At 94, she still strives to make the most of each day.

Amy Carlson and Sally
My mom means the world to me. She has shown me what it means to work hard and how to be a good friend, even in distance. Some of my favorite memories with her include times we went shopping before I had a cell phone and we brought walkie talkies to communicate. We even made up “code names” that we still use sometimes to this day. We share a love of sappy movies, pumpkin ice cream, and Broadway musicals. She is who I aspire to be like one day and I cannot thank her enough for being my mom.

Hannah Flood, Joni and Grandma LaLa
My mom and my grandma are the two most incredible women I know. They are strong, kind, thoughtful and always know how to make anyone smile. I’m so fortunate to have two amazing examples of what it means to be a person that makes others feel loved and filled with light. Happy Mother’s Day!
Sierra Gillespie and Jayne
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and my mom started that trend early on. We always went to the pumpkin patch every year and carved our pumpkins at the kitchen table. When I was younger, she would buy multiple Halloween costumes for me every year, so I had more of a chance to dress up. Still to this day, I’ve never repeated a Halloween costume! Thanks mom, for dressing me as I Dream of Jeannie in first grade!!
Amelia Jones and Lisa
This is my photo with my mom and I. It was taken at a wedding that my mom planned, that is what she does for a living, she owns her own wedding planning business and every time I get to see her work — I am always so amazed by her grace, class and strength. She continues to inspire me to be an independent and hard working woman. She worked my entire life doing a job that was her dream and that is one of the big reasons why I am continuing to chase my dreams.
Ryan Lobenstein and Joan
My favorite mom memory is watching my mom with my children. My second favorite is when my mom watches my children. Ha! I love you Mom!
Leigh Mills, Braxton and Teller
What is your favorite thing to do with mommy? Braxton, 4, said, “I love it when you play Super Mario Brothers with me!” And Teller, 2, said, “You, mommy!” He is 2 after all. I know it sounds cliché, but they are truly my pride and joy. Being a mom is the hardest but the best job in the whole world.
Amy Pflugshaupt and Rebecca
I have so many special memories with my mom that I will forever hold in my heart, but one I will never forget is this one. It’s simple and sweet. We were standing in the church, putting on those finishing touches before I walked down the aisle in September. She gave me a kiss and a sweet “I Love You! I’m so proud of you.” It’s something I will never forget. My mom has always been my biggest supporter. Without her, I wouldn’t have the strength and determination and the “always dream big” mentality. I love you, Mom!!

Gabriella Rusk and Heather
When my mom ran her first marathon, I was in 3rd grade. At the finish line, I busted out a water bottle and started conducting a “post-game” interview. My mom has always been my biggest supporter throughout my TV career. Since then she’s run 7 marathons, including TWO last year (Boston and Chicago). I’m proud of her strength and determination which inspires me every day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
John Stofflet and Rita
At 98-years-old my Mom, Rita, faces some challenges remembering things now. My favorite moments with my Mom these days are when I can take her away from her care center for an hour and drive past the places where she raised me in Williams Bay in Walworth County. Her face lights up in a smile as the memories start flooding back. She remembers the places where she and my Dad raised me and my sisters. Whether it’s our old home or just gazing out onto Geneva Lake, where we swam as kids, it all seems to come back to her…and reminds us both of how fortunate we were to have shared so many memories along the lake. During our drive, I put the 1940s channel on the radio, because it’s what she and my Dad used to dance to. We end the drive with either a hamburger of ice cream at Meggy Moo’s Dairy Ripple in Walworth—the old drive-in restaurant we’ve visited over the years. These moments... these memories... mean the world to me.
Morgan Wolfe and Joan
My mother is the strongest woman I know. She has raised me to be hardworking, honest, and kind. I have learned so much from her, but I can’t forget all the little lessons she has taught me! Like how to press elevator buttons with your knuckle to avoid germs. Mothers are geniuses!