New Glarus Brewing Company recognized for eco-friendly efforts

NEW GLARUS, Wis. (WMTV) -- New Glarus Brewing Company is making an effort to implement environmentally friendly techniques and technology in its production.

The company will be presented with an award on Tuesday from Focus on Energy for its energy efficiency.

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for the brewing company, Drew Cochrane, said the efforts make sense from a business perspective, as well as for their customers.

"We consider ourselves Wisconsin’s brewery, and Wisconsin people - the environment, hunting, sportsmen, fishing, getting outside, hiking, using the lakes outside Madison - all of this is hugely important to the people who live here, it’s hugely important to us, and those are our customers," he said. "So we need them to know that we’re taking their concerns seriously, and what’s important to them is also important to us.”

Cochrane said the brewery has implemented a number of measures to minimize its environmental impact, including creating a waste water treatment facility for its waste water, and giving spent grain to local farmers to feed their cows.

"We've put in new LED lighting systems which has reduced our lighting electrical use by about 64%," he said.

In addition to the work the company has done on its own, it has also worked with Focus on Energy, a program that offers resources and information for energy saving measures.

"We put in a new solar panel system on top of the new freezer that we just built last year," he said.

Cochrane says during the summer, they are filling about 1,000,000 bottles every week.