New brewery to open in Madison

Published: Feb. 13, 2019 at 10:48 AM CST
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The craft beer explosion continues here in Madison. Delta Beer Lab is the newest brewery to come to the capitol city. They’re experimenting, formulating, and testing some new hoppy hypotheses when it comes to the chemistry of beer.

“Our walls are white, our floors are polished concrete, and most of our table surfaces are the exact same material you’ll find in a science lab,” said Chief Beer Officer Tim Piotrowski who goes by “Pio”.

“Pio” is the brains behind the science. He’s been brewing beers for 10 years now.

“One of the things I learned really early on in my career is to make beers for the guest,” said Pio.

In addition to brewing great beer, Pio plans to give back to the city of Madison.

“All of our employees will be paid a living wage, we won’t accept tips in the tap room,” he said.

If you do tip the bartender, that money will be collected and given to a chosen local non-profit organization each month.

"We have an opportunity in business to be better. To not just take from our community, but to be a part of our community. To be responsible in employment, to be responsible with profit,” said Pio.

“Everything that his vision is, is the reason why I wanted to come work here,” said Barrett Lione-Seaton, the self-proclaimed “Shepherd of Yeast.”

“I’m really excited to just pour all of my soul into this,” he added.

Lione-Seaton says Delta will start off brewing six signature beers. But after that, his creativity will run wild.

“IPAs are hot. They’ve been hot for a decade. They’ve been growing and growing and growing so we are going to start with three,” said Pio.

“Personally, I’m a very explorative brewer in the sense that I want know that are the detail of the yeast, of the minerals, of the chemical reactions going on,” said Lione-Seaton.

Delta a science lab dedicated to brewing beer. All they need now is some guinea pigs to test out their formulas.

“Madison is a very big market there is a lot of beer drinkers here and we are excited to be a part of that,” said Pio.

Delta beer lab opens on February 18th. They are located on Badger Road just off the Rimrock Road exit from the Beltline.

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