New efforts to fight lake flooding in Dane Co.

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DANE COUNTY, Wis. (WMTV) Dane Co. is rolling out new efforts to prevent historic flooding.

On Tuesday, the county added two new aquatic plant harvesters to its fleet. The 13 harvesters will help the county's efforts to mitigate flooding in the Yahara Chain of Lakes by removing unwanted plants, which in turn increases water flow.

Dane Co.'s executive, Joe Parisi, explained the chain of lakes like four sinks all connected by drains.

"Everything that goes into Lake Mendota has to go through the entire chain of lakes to get out and get the water through the system," said Parisi. "The challenge we have is that the drains between the lakes are clogged."

Dane County's total operating budget for lake weed management in 2019 is just more than $773,000. It's a 53% increase in funds compared to 2018.