New horse rescue opens in Western Wisconsin

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CORNELL, Wis. (WEAU) -- It's time to hop on the saddle and get ready to help some horses. A new organization "Wild in Wisconsin" is hoping to do just that by finding forever homes for mustangs in addition to education and training.

Even the horses can't help but smile, as the new mustang rescue has moved into Cornell. “We are here to them, those that fall through the cracks,” said founder, Brenda Schwark.

Brenda started the rescue because she didn't want any mustangs to be forgotten, after her experience helping out one of them. "I always wanted to do the mustang challenge just like every little girl in the world,” Schwark said. She was given 90 days to train a mustang but the impact is now transforming her life. "He was a challenge; there was a reason they said challenge, but after I won his trust and what he would do for me, it was just heartwarming,” Schwark added.

She currently has five mustangs that are available for adoption at the rescue."They've come a long way because a lot of times from day one they are 100 percent wild, they do not know what humans are, they are terrified of everything and very defiant, they do not understand,” said Shelly Hattamer, the vice president.

The two women spend countless hours working with the mustangs to get them ready for adoption. "It's kind of like training a toddler, you pretty much teach them everything they need to know, how to react in all situations,” Hattamer said.

While some of the horses were surrendered by their owners, others have come from the wild out west. "They have to find a perfect balance between preserving the land and also the welfare of the horses and burros out there and there is only a certain capacity that the land can provide for,” Hattamer added.

And now, Wild in Wisconsin is here to help the Bureau of Land Management out west provide for those mustangs in need. "It's truly a blessing; working with them is just a whole new experience. I've been around horses my entire life but working with the mustangs is definitely something special,” Hattamer said.

Wild in Wisconsin is planning an open house this coming Saturday on October 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. During the open house there will be a petting zoo, mustang demo, snacks and door prizes. You can also bring a bag of grain or mineral block that will put your name in a drawing for apparel and gift baskets.

Wild in Wisconsin is located at 22160 County Road E in Cornell. If you are interested in more information you can send an email to:

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