New study reveals 1 in 3 Wisconsinites drink alcohol while working from home

Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 4:47 PM CDT
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A new study reveals one in three Wisconsinites admit to drinking alcohol during work hours while in lockdown. conducted a study of 3,000 employees working from home across the U.S. to find out how many people are using their new office set up as an opportunity to drink.

The survey found 32 percent of Wisconsinites said they've had a drink during work hours while operating from home, which is in line with the national average of 32 percent. Beer appears to be the drink of choice during work hours.

, the survey revealed Hawaii residents are the most likely to drink at home during working hours, at 67 percent, and Arkansas residents are the leas likely, at just 8 percent.

Many Americans (35%) also plan to drink more alcohol than usual while in self-isolation, and it seems many are prepared to do so. About one in five (22%) Americans say they have stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation. According to the survey, men were more prepared in this regard, with 27 percent saying they have stockpiled booze, compared to just 15 percent of women.

The survey also said beer seemed to be the drink of choice, with 38 percent saying they were most likely to drink beer during work hours. This was followed by cocktails (26%), wine (21%) and straight spirits (5%).

"If you find yourself or anyone in your household reaching for the bottle as a coping mechanism too often, it can be cause for concern, especially considering the current circumstances in which we have found ourselves as a nation," said Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, Chief Medical Officer of American Addiction Centers. "These are stressful times as many employees struggle with having to adapt to a home working environment, in which distractions are abundant and alcohol may seem like a good solution. There are a number of accessible online resources available if you suspect substance addiction, such as support helplines, chatrooms and forums."