New video: Moments after Verona fights

VERONA, Wis. (WMTV) -- Criminal charges are possible for several Verona High School students, after a series of fights nearly two weeks ago.

Officers with the Verona Police Department say they recommended the charges to the District Attorney’s Office on Monday. Charges would be made against three students.

Officials with the District Attorney’s Office say the case is still under review, meaning now charges have been made yet.

VPD also shared with NBC15 News a series of dash cam video from police vehicles that responded to Verona High School after the fight.

Dash cam video shows at least six squad cars responded to the scene. Video also shows a large flow of students exiting the school after police arrive on the scene.

At a Verona Area School District meeting Monday evening, the board met in closed session to discuss security plans.

NBC15 heard from parents who say it's priority the district makes its students feel safe.

"My daughter was one of the ones that didn't go to school the Friday afterward. She didn't want to," one mother said. "She said, 'what if someone comes with a gun? What if somebody comes trying to find somebody. I'm not going to school. I don't want my kids afraid to go to their school. I want them to go and to be able to learn and to know that there have been consequences for these kids that have done what they've done."

This comes after the Verona Area School District released a refined security plan last week.

Starting in fall 2019, three trained security guards will monitor the high school, and a 24-7 anonymous tip line will be up and running to prevent future problems. Staff will also monitor the hallways during passing time.

Administrators are also working to improve communication, saying they didn’t put out updates as soon as they could have after the fight. The District now has a more rigid guideline of communication rules, to get out new and accurate information, as soon as possible.

Administrators are also putting an emphasis on student/teacher relationships, so in the event of an emergency, students feel safe coming to a teacher.