Officials warn homeowners of door-to-door home improvement scams

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DANE COUNTY,, Wis. (WMTV) -- The Dane County Sheriff's Office warned the community about home improvement scammers who could show up at your doorstep.

Officials said it's important to remember that work crews who show up at your door uninvited, offering to do things like asphalt work or painting and other home improvement jobs, could be scammers.

Homeowners should be especially cautious if the crew says they have leftover asphalt or paint from a nearby job, and are offering you a "deal."

The sheriff's office said generally these crews work with undesirable material, and when the work is complete, they give the property owner "an exorbitant bill."

At times, these scammers are intimidating and target the elderly, officials said.

If you or someone you know is approached by one of these crews, decline their services and if possible, write down the license plate of the vehicle. Community members can also report incidents to 608-255-2345, the non-emergency number for the Dane County Communications Center.