More than 15K in Dane Co. receive active shooter training since 2016

Published: Mar. 22, 2019 at 3:22 PM CDT
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Active shooter situations are a harsh reality in 2019 which is why Dane County Sheriff’s Deputy Josalyn Longley is working to provide training.

“We’re not immune to it here in Dane County,” Longley said.

Sheriff Dave Mahoney started an active shooter training program in 2016. Longley says it started more as an outreach program.

“The Middleton incident at Paradigm definitely changed people’s perspective on this,” she said.

The night of the Paradigm shooting Longley said the department received five requests for training from local businesses.

“The next day we received about 39 requests from different companies and organizations,” she added.

Since September 2018, over 3,000 people were trained on what to do in an active shooter situation.

“People have realized that if you look at the statistics, most of these incidents actually occur in the workplace,” said Longley.

Middleton Police Officer of Community Awareness, Cesar Salinas, took over the department’s active shooter training presentations for civilians in January of this year.

In the past, he says the police department would only receive about five requests a year.

“If I look at just this year alone, in February and March, we’ve probably had about 23 or 24 businesses and organizations requesting active shooter training,” Salinas said.

While many are workplaces, Salinas believes the training can be applied to other environments.

“It could happen at a restaurant it could happen at a movie theater it can happen at a Friday night football game and that’s proven across our country,” said Salinas.

Rock County is also working to provide training. Last October, several Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event (CRASE) classes were offered to area residents.

Sgt. Shena Kohler tells NBC15 since the program started in April 2018 over 700 residents have received training.

Rock County Emergency Management Bureau is planning to add more free classes within the next month.

Sauk County Emergency Management also has Active Shooter Awareness courses. Tracy Hameau says about 1,000 people received training last year.

For a full list of Sauk Co. spring training sessions, click

To learn more about requesting a training from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, head

. Deputy Longley says they are already booking through August.