Over 500 parking tickets, nearly 250 cars towed during Madison snow emergency

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- Madison Police are hoping residents will start to adhere to the snow emergency rules after they ticketed 510 cars and had 242 towed during the snow event.

"Parking downtown on a normal day is challenging, add the snow and it gets worse," Lt. David McCaw from the Madison Police Department said.

McCaw is a veteran with the force. He says Tuesday's parking situation wasn't the worst he has seen, but wants to remind people of the real reason they need the roads plowed: for their safety.

"The streets that weren't plowed because of bad parking, now have become bad driving. We are getting accidents in those same streets. So, it is frustrating. It is worse when we get an accident because the roads were too narrow or they weren't plowed. "

McCaw also spoke to the importance of the emergency vehicles being able to get through the roads as quick as possible. He says if the plows can't do their jobs, it is harder on the emergency responders to theirs.

A reminder: park on odd sides of the road (addresses) on an odd calendar day. Even sides on an even calendar day.