Overlooked rescue dog finds forever home

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 7:08 AM CDT
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Pet adoption rates are through the roof during this pandemic. Dogs who were once overlooked are now finding their forever homes.

“Our adoption applications, our adoption rate has about doubled,” said Mandy Lewis, founder of Albert’s Dog Lounge in Whitewater.

Goliad is the perfect example. Goliad is a pitbull, an old-timer, and he’s deaf. His rescuers believe those reasons are why he’s spent three years in foster care.

But now thanks to Albert’s Dog Lounge and a couple willing to give him a chance, Goliad is going home.

“It’s really like Christmas morning. I would think that after years of doing this I would be able to sleep the night before, but I don’t,” Lewis said about adoption day.

Goliad was found in Texas as a stray and in pretty rough shape.

“He was found under a freeway dubbed the ‘corridor of cruelty’ in Houston. It is a very highly populated stray dog area, it is not a good area for dogs at all,” said Lewis.

Lewis’ organization specializes in finding homes for dogs that are often unwanted.

“They (rescuers in Texas) reached out to us knowing what we do with senior and special need dogs and asked if we could please adopt out Goliad to our Wisconsin area,” said Lewis.

Lewis got to work and found Goliad a new mom, dad, and brother (another pitbull) from the Milwaukee area.

“Within less than 30 days, he had an application (for adoption), a wonderful application who we were very excited about. In fact, the adopter of Goliad is a trained teacher for hearing impaired students. So she was specifically looking for a deaf dog,” said Lewis.

Goliad is now happy and healthy and heading to his new home. It’s a wonderful new beginning for a dog who deserves the best.