Cooling center to be open overnight for heat relief

Madison, Wis (WMTV) -- "We will see how tonight goes. Whether there are any more outages or problems with people, our goal is to make sure that everybody in the city of Madison has a safe place to stay tonight," Judy Giacomino, Red Cross Volunteer said.

Red Cross volunteers were prepared to keep the community safe and out of the sweltering heat.

"We have water, We have snacks, We do serve meals as necessary. We have overnight cots and blankets for people to stay," Giacomino said.

Those who were brave enough to head out into the heat stayed close to the shaded areas on State Street.

"It's been pretty bad in the sun, but going inside cooling off in the AC a little bit, and I’m drinking a lot of water," Dylan Kravetz, Madison resident said.

Health officials suggest staying hydrated and drinking a lot of fluids.

"We're drinking water lots of water. We keep hydrated around here," Deb Camps, Beaver Dam resident said.

Experts also recommend taking a cool shower to reduce your body temperature. Additionally make sure to check on the young and elderly as much as possible.

"The goal of the Red Cross is to save people's lives and people can die in this kind of heat. We want to make sure that people are safe, that is our goal," Giacomino said.

The Red Cross also set up shop at the Kohl Center Friday afternoon to help those without power.

"On a day like this it's crucial because you can become overheated. Heat exhaustion is prevalent, I think we're all vulnerable,” Barbara Paris, Wisconsin Red Cross Chapter Disaster Mental Health Worker said. “The elderly with children and those with disabilities and those compromised with health complications are very vulnerable.”