Owl rescued from car grill

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) -- An owl is safe and sound after surviving a night trapped in a car grill. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources reports that Warden Meghan Jensen received a call on Sunday morning from a driver who thought he had killed an owl while driving. He believed the owl was dead after finding it stuck in his car’s grill, and decided to wait until the morning to handle it.

The driver says the next morning, he realized that the owl was not dead and contacted WDNR for assistance. When Jensen arrived, the two worked together to free the bird from the grill.

WDNR says the Coulee Region Humane Society gave the owl a check up, and confirmed it was free of any injuries.

Jensen later took the bird back to the area where it was initially caught, and successfully released it back into the wild.