Packers LB Preston Smith celebrates sack milestone with Rolex watches for defense

Action 2 Sports reporter Baillie Burmaster reports the Preston Smith Rolex deal. (WBAY)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Green Bay Packers linebacker Preston Smith reached a career milestone Sunday when he picked up his 10th sack of the season. It's a career-high for the 26-year-old who joined the Packers as a free agent this season.

Smith isn't basking in the glory alone. Instead, he's giving back to his teammates for helping him along the way.

After the Packers 24-16 defeat of the Panthers in which Smith recorded two sacks of QB Kyle Allen, No. 91 told reporters would be buying Rolex watches for the entire defense.

Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith, aka the "Smith Brothers", talked about it during the post-game locker room interview.

Za'Darius: "He's going to get the whole... the whole LB group or the whole defense?

Preston: Whole defense.

Za'Darius: Damn! The whole defense Rolexes. So yeah, that's big. The whole defense?

Preston: The whole defense.

Preston Smith also picked up the game-saving "Stand in the Snow" tackle on the goal line to prevent the Panthers from scoring in the final seconds.

So how much will it cost Preston to purchase the Swiss luxury Rolex watches for his defense? It depends on which watch he chooses.

Say Smith chooses a $5,000 Rolex. For 26 teammates, that would come with price tag of $130,000. Considering Smith makes about $13 million a-year, it's wouldn't hurt his wallet too much. Smith signed a four-year, $52 million contract with the Packers.

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