Packers fans honor Bart Starr's legacy with flowers and memories

Published: May. 26, 2019 at 6:57 PM CDT
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Many fans remember some of Bart Starr's claim to fame moments, such as the game winning quarterback sneak at the Ice Bowl in 1967; or the fact that he led the Packers to five NFL titles.

People are honoring his legacy with flowers at the base of the Bart Starr statue outside of the Resch Center in Green Bay.

“It's a sad day for everybody because, there's nobody like Bart Starr. There won't be another,” said Gerald Lancour, who was visiting Lambeau Field on Sunday from Racine.

“Bart Starr was a true gentleman and ambassador to this franchise so, we're all saddened by his passing,” said Paul Hayes, who is from Janesville. He had is wedding reception at Lambeau Field on Saturday.

On Sunday, Hayes and his family were walking through the Packers Hall of Fame, looking at memorabilia and old footage from Starr’s glory days.

“There's a little bit of a pit in your stomach, a little bit of sadness when Bart was on the movie screen. He was always there to run Lombardi's offense,” said Hayes.

Some people are also remembering their favorite Bart Starr moment on the field.

“The quarterback sneak in the Ice Bowl, that's still one of my favorites since he called the play himself, told the coach that's what he was going to do and that's what he did,” said Andrew Doran a Packer fan from Byron, Illinois.

Doran was visiting Lambeau Field for his birthday, but when he found out Starr had passed away, he knew he needed to do something to honor him.

“I knew when I saw the news this morning that I was going to have to buy a jersey too when I came here today,” said Doran.

Others are remembering what a guy Starr was off the field.

“My daughter met him one day and said I was his biggest fan and about a week later I got his autograph picture in the mail. He was a real person,” said Lancour.

“I think the even bigger loss is not just the loss of a football player, but a loss of such a wonderful man who cared so much about this community and about the team,” said Doran.

Starr is known for his charitable work with Rawhide, a non-profit that provides programs for at-risk youth. He raffled off a red Corvette he received as MVP from Super Bowl II and raised $40,000 for Rawhide.

He and his wife Cherry Starr are also involved in the Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation.

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