Paradigm CEO releases statement before the one-year anniversary of workplace shooting

Published: Sep. 18, 2019 at 7:11 AM CDT
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Before the one-year anniversary of the workplace shooting at Paradigm, the company's CEO has written a statement reflecting on the event.

On Sept. 19, 2018, four people were injured when a Paradigm employee started shooting inside the Middleton office.

The statement from Paradigm CEO Nathan Herbst reads:

"September 19, 2019, marks the one-year anniversary of a day that profoundly changed the lives of our employees and neighbors. Many are still recovering from emotional wounds they’ll carry the rest of their lives. While we will never forget the horrific event and the pain it caused, we will also not let it define who we are and how we will live our lives.

We are eternally grateful for the heroism of first responders, the compassion of doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals, and for the support of our customers and community.

In the year since the incident took place, Paradigm has worked hard to recover in a positive and meaningful way.

First and foremost, I want to make note of the tremendous courage, resilience, and fortitude displayed by our employees. I have been moved by the compassion and kindness they have shown to one another. I want to thank everyone at Paradigm for helping us to be a caring and supportive place to work.

Over the past year, we have brought on nearly 120 new employees and we’ve moved into a newly renovated space conducive to our fun and collaborative culture. We are poised for growth both as a company and personally as individuals.

Additionally, as a way of giving back, we created the Paradigm Foundation, a charity whose first initiative has been supporting first responders in our community. Thanks to the support of our employees, our customers, and caring community members, I’m pleased to share that the Paradigm Foundation has donated more than $200,000 to local agencies for things such as protective gear, trauma kits, mental health initiatives, and a K-9 unit.

I want to thank our community and customers for all of the support we’ve received. I also want to thank the entire Paradigm family for their bravery and resolution. Because of their continued efforts and commitment, Paradigm’s future is very bright."