Paramedics use braille to help a Madison man who fell in his East side home

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) --- With the help of braille, Madison paramedics were able to help a man who fell in his home over the weekend.

The EMTs were dispatched early yesterday morning for an unknown medical emergency.

When they arrived, they found a man lying on the floor alone. He was both deaf and blind.

Once paramedics helped the man to his feet he pointed to a desk with a braille system attached to his keyboard.

From there, EMTs were able to have a two-way conversation with him.

"We were about to try to gather him and try to explain the best thing is to go to the hospital, but he said take me to my desk, my desk, my desk. He sat down and started typing and that's when we knew he was fine," said Leon Buggs Jr., one of the responding paramedics.

The man was not taken to the hospital.

The paramedic says he noticed a plaque on the man's desk, indicating he has a masters degree in computer science.

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