Pardeeville 'Book Fairy' promotes reading

Published: Sep. 8, 2019 at 10:33 PM CDT
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A Pardeeville Elementary School principal is making sure students are reading around the clock in a unique and mobile way.

The principal rides around town on three wheels hoping to get kids hooked on reading. Her school gifted her with the blue tricycle and from there she took the wheel.

At Pardeeville Elementary, people know Mary Kamrath, Pardeeville Elementary School principal, as the woman in charge.

But outside the school’s walls, they call her the book fairy.

"Reading is everything. If they can read they can be anything they want. I tell them that all the time," Kamrath said.

Using her wheels as her wings, she rides through town on her blue tricycle hoping to encourage kids to read even when school is out.

"It’s really awesome. I love reading and I have a lot of books, and now I have some new ones to choose from," Howard Boyle, former Pardeeville Elementary school student said.

Fiction, non-fiction, science and series are just a few of the genres that Kamrath has in her library on wheels. She said the goal is to put books in the hands of students that take them into a world of imagination.

"It's nice because she comes by and all the kids are like ‘oh free books our teachers and parents will be happy,’" Jocelyn Sherman, former Pardeeville Elementary school student said.

Kamrath said she's happy to use her free time to pass out books because readers are leaders.

"It just lights me up. I wish I would have done this 33 years ago. It's been the best summer ever. I can't say how much fun it has been for me,” she said.

She said this is what educators are all about -- doing what they can to spread knowledge and inspire students to find a love for reading.

She was willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.

"We love kids and love to see them grow and learn and giving books to kids and getting them excited about reading is where it starts," Kamrath said.

So far, she's given away more than 1,000 books. The principal said she plans to ride her bike and pass out books until it gets too cold.

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