'Completely frightened': Parents raise concerns over crosswalk near Madison schools

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 9:57 PM CST
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Some in a Madison neighborhood are raising concerns over crosswalk safety Tuesday.

The crosswalk in question is near Velma Hamilton Middle School and Van Hise Elementary, at the intersection of South Segoe and Richland Lane.

That's where dozens of parents are worried about walking their kids to and from school, after a number of close calls.

Parent and pedestrian Andrea Wiltzius says she's heard of at least 20 car-to-pedestrian close calls at the crosswalk.

“I was completely frightened. I never felt like that before. Nobody's ever been that close to ending my child's life before,” Wiltzius says.

Wiltzius says she wants the city to bring a crossing guard or flashing lights here. According to the city's traffic engineering department, that need is currently under review.

Patti Knoche, a Madison crossing guard supervisor, had similar concerns.

“Part of the problem is that the road is curved on both sides. Especially with these cars parked out on the street, the shortest of pedestrians are even harder to be seen,” Knoche says.

Knoche says she has some advice for pedestrians in the meantime.

“When it's clear. Simply keep looking as you're crossing the street. Holding your hand out that you're crossing,” Knoche says.

She says looking both ways is especially important for kids, because their peripheral vision is much narrower than an adults.

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