Patterson's lawyers answer questions after meeting with client

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BARRON COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) Sunday night, Jake Patterson's defense attorneys - Charlie Glynn and Richard Jones - held a news conference at the Barron County Justice Center.

Patterson is due in court Monday afternoon for his initial appearance.
He's expected to be charged with homicide and kidnapping in the Closs case.

They made a short statement and then answered questions after meeting with Patterson.

The attorneys say they expect tomorrow's court appearance to be short... And they will request their client appear in person as opposed to via video.

Glynn and Jones say they understand there's a lot of emotion with this case.

"This has been an emotional time for this community and a very difficult time for this community - and we're aware of that. We don't take that lightly. We have a job to do, in terms of representing our client protecting his right and his interest, but we also understand the pain and the emotion that has been generated within this community," said Richard Jones.

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