Petco donates $250,000 to UW School of Veterinary Medicine

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MADISON, Wis., (WMTV) -- The Petco Foundation announced a donation of $250,000 dollars to the University Of Wisconsin- Madison School Of Veterinary Medicine. The company made the announcement on January 31st to “further lifesaving care for pets in need”.

Scout, the dog saved by the UW School of Veterinary Medicine and is going to be featured in a Superbowl ad (Source: UW)

According to the Petco Foundation’s website, the organization was founded in 1999 and has invested more than $250 million in lifesaving animal welfare work across the country.

The massive donation to UW comes after the story of Scout went viral. Scout is a 7-year-old golden retriever that had a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. But thanks to the care and treatment from vets at UW, Scout is now nearly cancer free.

Scout’s story was seen by millions of viewers during the Super Bowl. WeatherTech created a 30 second commercial about Scout to thank the doctors at UW. Scout belongs to the founder and CEO of the company, David MacNeil.

“Approximately 1 in 4 dogs will develop cancer at some stage in their life,” a video uploaded to Facebook by Petco claims. The video goes on to tell the story of Yummy, the dog belonging to CEO Ron Coughlin. Thanks to treatment, Yummy is a cancer survivor.