Plea deal reached for child-sex suspect found living in the woods

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) -- The 44-year-old man accused of evading law enforcement while living in a bunker in the woods has agreed to the terms of a plea deal and will avoid a jury trial.

Jeremiah Button pleaded guilty to two felonies related to a 2014 child sexual assault case. The hearing took place in Portage County-- the county were the alleged assaults took place.

Button disappeared two weeks before his trial in 2016. He was arrested last month near the Marathon County landfill in Ringle. He had been out on a $25,000 cash bond for about a year and a half when he vanished.

The state is recommending Button spend 30 years in prison. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Oct. 10.

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