Pocan extends job offer to Andrew McCabe

Published: Mar. 17, 2018 at 2:01 PM CDT
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U.S. Representative Mark Pocan extended an offer of employment to former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe Saturday morning.

The offer would get McCabe the needed length of service to qualify for pension benefits after President Trump fired him just days before he was set to retire.

"My offer of employment to Mr. McCabe is a legitimate offer to work on election security. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of American democracy and both Republicans and Democrats should be concerned about election integrity,” Pocan said. “I’d like to thank Mr. McCabe for his years of service to the FBI and our country. He deserves the full retirement that he has been promised, not to have it taken away as a result of the President’s political games.”

NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell tweeted, "One suggestion from a McCabe supporter: if a friendly

member of Congress hired him for a week he could possibly qualify for pension benefits by extending his service the extra days."

Pocan replied to the tweet, "Andrew call me. I could use a good two-day report on the biggest crime families in Washington, D.C."

Last year, Pocan introduced the Securing America’s Future Elections Act (SAFE Act), which would safeguard U.S. elections from future foreign cyber-attacks and interference by permanently classifying the integrity and security of U.S. elections as a key component of critical infrastructure.