Security guard kills man trying to rob bank on Madison's East Side

Courtesy: Miranda Hernandez
Courtesy: Miranda Hernandez(NBC15)
Published: Mar. 1, 2018 at 5:24 PM CST
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A security guard shot and killed a man on Thursday after he tried robbing a bank on Madison's East Side.

According to the Madison Police Department, officers were called to the Chase Bank on the 4500 block of Milwaukee Street at 4:50 p.m for an attempted armed bank robbery.

Chief Mike Koval said about seven people were inside the bank at the time of the robbery. He said a man entered the bank with his face covered, acted as if he had a gun, and demanded money from the teller.

"It was at that point that apparently an armed security guard stationed at the bank engaged this suspect and shot him," said Koval. "Ultimately this individual did succumb to his injuries and is now dead."

The medical examiner was called to the scene. The man died from a single gunshot wound. Madison police officers are working to identify the man who is described as being Latino and in his 20s. The bank security guard voluntarily went with police to the East District for questioning.

Koval said it is still too early in the investigation to determine if the man involved in Thursday's attempted robbery is connected to any other bank robberies in the Madison area.

Koval said they are still determining if the man was armed with a gun. "I would say he postured as if he had the capability of being armed, beyond that I couldn't say."

An attempted robbery and two successful robberies occurred at the Chase Bank on Milwaukee Street in the past year, including an armed robbery in January. People living near the bank and police had concern with the amount of times the bank has been targeted.

"Normally, in Madison, in any neighborhood, we want to welcome businesses into our neighborhood that are going to take their position in our community very seriously," said City of Madison District 3 Alder Amanda Hall. "Unfortunately as a neighborhood and district going back and forth with this bank about how often they are targeted and their lack of security measures that brings danger, and in this case, a tragedy to our neighborhood and district."

Hall said the neighborhood association wrote a letter to Chase last week to step up security because of the number of robberies at this bank location. Police believe the security guard began working at the bank three weeks ago.

"Obviously a young man has lost his life," said Hall. "He was very obviously committing a crime as it happened, but that's somebody's son."

 JPMorgan Chase releases statement:

There have been recent robberies and we’ve been implementing new security measures. Yesterday’s incident is very sad and unfortunate.  We’re cooperating with the police investigation.”