Police remind drivers to slow down in school zones

Published: Aug. 27, 2019 at 7:04 PM CDT
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Madison Police Department is urging drivers to follow the rules of the road in school zones.

MPD said slowing down and staying alert are the best things you can do when you enter a school zone.

St. Dennis safety patrol officers act as crossing guards to make sure kids make it to the other side of the street safely

"You can let the car go by and wait for a gap because for younger kids, they may not be able to see them over the dash board and bad things happen," Josh Beisser, 8th grade said.

St. Dennis' Principal said the school does not have crossing guards or a stop sign because there isn't enough traffic.

"Which is tough with having 275 kids. We have 3 buses but 100 cars picking up so kids will cross the street which is why safety patrol is so important to us,” Matt Beisser, St. Dennis Principal said.

However, the principal said having signs that tell drivers to slow down helps.

Police said when you see a school zone speed limit sign that says "when children are present," you have to obey the rules whenever kids are going to and from school and if kids are playing within the sidewalk area or on school playgrounds that have access to the street.

"Those help to alert drivers to say 'hey guess what drivers?' students will be going and coming home from school at these times and u need to be aware of that, " Virginia Kravik, Madison Police Department Crossing Guard Supervisor said.

If you get caught speeding in school zones, it can cost you. Police said you can be fined up to $300.

Traffic officials are urging drivers to be mindful of these rules even if you're in a hurry because it's not just a street sign, it's a kids life.

"The thing is we're all in a hurry. We're all late. Think of the repercussions. If you hit someone how would you feel? That's the worst case scenario," Kravik said.

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