Police teach civillian response to active shooter training

Published: Nov. 9, 2017 at 9:50 PM CST
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Madison Police Department is making sure people in our area are prepared if they're ever in an active shooter situation.

At Thursday's Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event training, attendees learned behavioral tools to give them the best chance of surviving an active shooter event. Madison police say the likelihood of finding yourself under fire by an active shooter is about the same as being struck by lighting but, after recent shootings, say it is important to make people feel empowered.

"They're horrible. Don't get me wrong, they're absolutely horrible and they tug at our emotions but when you really break it down and think about it more logistically and practically, you don't feel as much of a victim at the end of the day," said Carrie Hemming with Madison Police Department.

These training is free and offered about every three months. Churches, businesses and organizations can also request the training.