Political experts call Bloomberg's Wisconsin ad spending strategic

Published: Feb. 25, 2020 at 10:15 PM CST
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Millions of dollars are being spent on political ads in Wisconsin by Mike Bloomberg, and political experts said there's a strategy involved.

Political experts said there's strategy behind the spending spree. Since the end of 2019, Bloomberg has spent $4 million on ads in Wisconsin. Other candidates haven't touched the state yet.

Political experts believe it's about getting his name out there, but there's also more at stake.

Political analysts said to win the democratic nomination a candidate needs 1,991 votes on the first ballot to win. Experts said polls project front-runner Bernie Sanders would be short of that. As a result, the vote would go to a second ballot, where everyone becomes free to support any presidential candidate of their choosing, and you add in super delegates.

"If the powers that be at the national level believe that Bernie is a candidate that will not be able to win, more traditional candidates might be the choice of new, unpledged and super delegates, putting him or maybe somebody like Biden over the top," Charley Jacobs, St. Norbert College political science professor said.

After Super Tuesday next week, Jacobs predicts there will be three to five candidates left in the running.

"This is Texas hold em' with the biggest communal pile of chips you've ever seen," Jacobs said.

He thinks Bloomberg will keep spending until the democratic national convention in July.