Potosi family's farm reduced to two buildings after tornado

POTOSI, Wis. (WMTV)-- Several farms and homes are cleaning up after a tornado swept through part of Grant County on Saturday.

Within minutes, the Bartels family says their history and their memories were wiped clean.

"We looked outside and our farm was gone,” said Mandy Bartels. "The history, the memories, the blood, sweat, tears that goes into farming, every generation before us has built the legacy and it's gone "

National Weather Service says the tornado tore through a seven-mile stretch of Grant County, with winds reaching 100 mph.

"We had no warning,” said Bartels.

The family has been on their farm in Potosi for 20 years, and out of ten buildings on their property, only two remain.

Bartels says they lost a lot of equipment, including all of their tractors. They also had to put down some of their animals.

"One cow so far, one calf and we lost my daughter's rodeo horse, " said Bartels.

Despite the damage to their farm, no one in their family was injured.

"We're alive. Every room in the house that took a hit, one of us was in."

For Bartels, the cost of rebuilding is daunting, especially during uncertain times amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a bright spot though, as more than a 100 people from the community came out to help clean up.

"We are so blessed with our family and I call them all family because they are. They've shown up for us," says Bartels.

Grant County Emergency Management is encouraging anyone with property damage to talk to their insurance company. They said people should keep detailed records, and document the damage with photos and videos.