Pres. Trump's Space Force gets its own show

(CNN)--- President Trump’s Space Force may not appear to up and running as of yet, but Netflix is hoping its Space Force will arrive first.

You can tell President Trump likes the ring of it.

“The Space Force. The Space Force. Space Force,” said President Trump.

His supporters like chanting it.

But even though the real Space Force has barely gotten off the ground, already a comedy series is launching to make fun of it.

As if President Trump hasn’t already been sufficiently mocked about the 6th branch of the armed forces, here comes Steve Carell.

Carell and the developer of the U.S. version of “The Office” are teaming up with Netflix to tell the story of the men and women who have to figure out how to create Space Force.

Fans were stoked. Oh, this sounds likes a blast. Carell’s previous experience in space was as commander of the space station in an SNL skit, and airblock blew in the bio lab that housed the monkey experiments.

Sadly, it sounds like the show “Space Force” will take place mostly on Earth.

Jeanne Moos, a CNN National Correspondent, said, "You know what's really out of this world? Steve Carell's reported salary.. likely to be over a million per episode of Space Force according to the Hollywood Reporter."

Real professionals will be building a Space Force at the same time the actors will parody building a Space Force.