Pro-gun, second amendment rally in Madison

Published: Apr. 14, 2018 at 6:48 PM CDT
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More than 100 people gathered at the Capitol for a pro-gun, second amendment rally.

The local chapter of the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans said this is a response to the student led gun violence protests known as the march for our lives.

Protecting the second amendment and teaching the public about guns. Thomas Leager with the National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans Wisconsin said that was the goal behind Saturday's gun rights, second amendment rally.

"We're not scary people we just want, we just want our rights and we're law abiding citizens,” said Legaer.

Dozens including Leager openly carried a gun which is legal on the Wisconsin State Capitol grounds. Leager said his firearm is symbolic of his rights.

"Our right to carry and openly carry our weapons and practice our rights to bear arms,” aid Leager.

Backing up the constitution and their rights is why Roy Aaroen from Sun Prairie came to the rally.

"Once you start changing the constitution then the ability to change other parts of the constitution occur and then next thing you know, you don't have any rights at all,” said Aaroen, rally participant.

Whats usually is a relaxing environment for a casual stroll, made some people feel uneasy.

"It makes me feel unsafe. I honestly don't feel safe in this environment. I don’t get it,” said Raven Meyers, Madison resident.

"The fact that they walking around with guns,” said Winford Stewart, Madison resident.

While rally organizers believed this was the right way to showcase their gun rights others said there are more engaging and effective ways to educate others.

"They could have displayed information on large posters in regards to the second amendment, pass out flyers. Give information out so people will know,” said Stewart.

Madison Police who said the rally was peaceful. The organizer of the rally said he plans on holding similar events in the summer.