Gun shop break-in leads to proposal on gun storage

Published: Oct. 25, 2017 at 12:41 PM CDT
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - The proposal would require firearms retailers to lock all firearms in a secured safe or gun cabinet when the store is unattended.

The proposal, brought forth by State Rep. Lisa Subeck (D - Madison) on Wednesday, is being circulated for signatures at the State Capitol.

Subeck said she is bringing forth the legislation after a car drove into a Cross Plains gun store and several guns were stolen. She says another burglary at a gun shop in Janesville also inspired the bill. In that case, Joseph Jakubowski stole 18 guns and two silencers, many of which have not been recovered.

"It was so surprising to think that somebody could just break in to a gun shop, grab as much as they could carry and run out without any obstruction," Subeck said.

Several gun shop owners in Southern Wisconsin say they lock their guns up every night by choice. Others say, it's shop's building that should be secure to prevent thefts. That owner also said, especially for large retailers, the requirement would be costly and time consuming.

Exact wording on the law from the bill reads, "Any person who engages in the retail commercial sale or transfer of firearms shall ensure, when the place of business is unattended, that all firearms that are located in the place of business are placed in a safe, in a locked steel gun cabinet, or on a locked hardened steel rod or cable that runs through the trigger guards. The person shall ensure that the safe, cabinet, rod, or cable is anchored in a manner that prevents its removal from the place of business."

"Gun shops are sitting targets just waiting for somebody to come in at night, break in to the establishment and make off with as many guns as they can carry," Subeck said.

The bill has not yet been formally proposed to the State Assembly.

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