Protect yourself from the latest cyber attack

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) --- The ransomware attack that hit businesses and hospitals worldwide on Friday could just be getting started.

If you're running a business imagine one day everything is working fine and the next day you have access to absolutely nothing.

Well, that's how one local tech expert is describing what could happen if you are subject to this latest cyber attack.

Friday's cyber attack targeted nearly 200,000 computers worldwide.

The way it works is by tricking you to click on different pop-ups online.

The malware then locks all of your computers files demanding in some cases $300 to unlock it.

Since it's unknown who is behind this hack, it's not clear paying that money will even make a difference.

"This is not just your average ransomware targeting a handful of people that got suckered into it. It now is encrypting all the files on the network it can see and have access to. That's the big danger because a lot of times a machine on one network does have access to see all of these other machines," said Kahlal Cunningham, owner of Madison Geeks.

Kahlal says there are ways to protect yourself which includes installing your latest computer updates, changing your passwords and completing weekly off-line back-ups.

If you do get a pop-up on your computer, do not interact with it at all, it could just be one big button.

That means even if you're clicking the [X] button, you could still be installing the malware.

Instead go to task manager and end the process or simply shut off your machine.

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