Protecting yourself from ransomware

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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV)- The cyber-attack that hit computers around the world could spread as people show up to work and turn on their computers.

The massive attack began Friday as a software worm froze computers, and held data for ransom.

Experts say the attack hit 150 countries including hospitals and train stations in Europe.

Companies and agencies are being told to update their operating systems immediately.

When it comes to cyber security on your home computer the U.S. Computer emergency Readiness Team (CERT) says people should be diligent about updating their software. If possible look into turning on auto-updates.

Anti-virus software can help, but it’s knowing not to click on suspicious content that will likely save your computer from getting a virus, because most spam and viruses are e-mail based.

CERT has several tips that can help protect you on the internet. You can visit their website by clicking here

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