Protesters ask Sen. Johnson to vote 'no' on Judge Kavanaugh

Published: Sep. 27, 2018 at 6:23 PM CDT
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Miles away in Washington, D.C., Brett Kavanaugh testifies on Capitol Hill.

Outside of the offices of Senator Ron Johnson, women from the Madison area signed a letter asking the congressmen to vote “no” against the nomination.

“As we’ve seen in the past, sexual violence is a political problem,” says Amy Dean, an organizer of the protest and a member of the National Women’s March Organization in Wisconsin.

“It demands a political response.”

All the women gathered believe the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the other women who have made allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

The FBI has yet to investigate the allegations of the three accusers. Judge Kavanaugh is denying the allegations against him.

Standing in solidarity with the women who are testifying against the nominee, they wore black clothing and wrote “I Believe” on their palms.

Sarah Bielefeldt is a 17-year-old sexual assault survivor who took part in the protest.

“It says a lot about his character that these things are being said about him,” Bielefeldt says of the Supreme Court nominee. “I just don’t think he’s fit for it,” she explains.

Bielefeldt shared her story, along with several other women who have been sexually assaulted.

“When we come together, we can see we’re not alone,” says Heather Driscoll, an organizer and a survivor.

It was only last fall when Driscoll went public with her story – inspired by the Me-Too movement.

“I received an outpouring of love and support and for me it was a very healing experience,” she says.

The women say they intend to continue to reach out to lawmakers and voice their opinions in elections this coming November.

Senator Tammy Baldwin plans to oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.

In a statement, she writes ““Before the Senate takes any further steps on this lifetime appointment to our highest court, the White House must direct the FBI to reopen its background investigation of this nominee so that all the women who have made credible allegations and any witnesses can provide the FBI all the facts.”

NBC15 has reached out to Senator Johnson to see which way he intends to vote, but as of 6pm on Thursday had not yet heard back.

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